Professional singers always strive to be better than their last performance. They regularly study with a team of specialists who help them reach a peak performance level.  Learning to sing really means learning to use your body correctly for optimal performance in your preferred vocal style. If a singer can't produce sound on demand, s/he is not ready to take the material to the level needed for performance excellence. Regular voice lessons help performers remain vocally healthy, and give the performer the tools they need to make the sound needed for varying vocal styles. Proper breath management coordinated with proper resonance position use, creates the variety of sound found in the myriad styles offered in the entertainment marketplace. The vocal team includes a technical teacher who focuses the student on achieving optimal sound production (my job) for a successful performance of the song. I maintain relationships with many people throughout the industry, and I regularly refer my advanced students to them when they are ready to take their performance to the stage or into the recording studio. Vocal coaches offer interpretational choices, musical direction and style. Recording artists develop relationships with sound engineers and producers.

As you develop into a better performer, you reap a BONUS--- enjoying your singing more as you develop vocally and artistically. You're playing an instrument (your voice in this case) for a reason--- to share the enjoyment you get with your audience!

PLEASE NOTE: Acceptance of new students is always dependent on an evaluation lesson. I do not work with children under the age of 13 unless they are already under professional management. .

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