Free your breath -----Find YOUR Voice!

BreathMoves© are designed for the development of the breathing coordination needed for optimal sound. Most students who come to me have no understanding of what breath support truly is. Even if the singer/performer takes a good breath, often it can't be used. The simple and effective exercises used in BreathMoves© teaches singers (and other voice professionals like actors, teachers, public speakers, attorneys, etc.) how to free their breath for optimal phonation. It is common for performers to double the size of their voice with proper application of the exercises to their material. Combining BreathMoves©  with vocal exercise trains the total instrument for optimal performance.

BreathMoves© helps performers:

  • greatly improve vocal power and range
  • minimize vocal strain and tension
  • build coordination between rhythm and breath
  • develop a practical vocal warm-up
  • apply instrumental musical concepts to the release of body energy
  • improve musicality
  • begin to apply flow breathing concepts to a musical program

As an added perk, BreathMoves© are healthy ----your internal organs are massaged while you produce better supported sound!

BreathMoves© workshops are offered in a workshop format. 
Clinics can be custom designed to suit the needs of your group.  Pricing varies. Please contact me for rates.

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