Lamperti Technique for the 21st Century
"Lamperti trained Moratti. Moratti trained Thiessen.
She trained me--first as a performer, then as a teacher."

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Upon completion of her artist diploma in opera studies, Maria was selected to be the studio teaching apprentice by her master teacher, Ena Thiessen. Maria spent two additional years of pedagogical study, learning how to effectively balance registration for male and female voices, whether leggero to dramatico. As a modern technician, Ms. Fattore's instructional style relates traditional bel canto concept to current scientific knowledge of efficient vocal function. Having been asked about the core of the Lamperti approach, Maria made the following comment: " I am convinced Lamperti would have been on the cutting edge of the teaching today, combining modern science to support what the ear hears as healthy vocal coordination."

Ms. Fattore's teaching style focuses on correctly produced breathing coordination as the key to tension free vocal production. The incorporation of BreathMoves© exercises combined with registration exercises for balance produces significant results in improved voice function. "Healthy singing is 90% the result of correct breath coordination. Resonance and its use impacts how the sound is delivered to the audience. Alter the resonator, you alter your sound but never ignore your breath support!"

Maria's performance credits include professional appearances both here in the United States and in Europe. Versatility from Maria's personal "crossover" in the music theater and popular song realm has proven success in teaching the "healthy belt" and the "pop" mix. Music theater and pop music students learn how to produce a healthy registration mix. Classical singers thrive on legitimate technical study. They also can learn the safe art of "crossover" --- using safe resonator adjustments for styling commercially popular sounds.

Ms. Fattore's students include singers performing professionally both internationally and in regional American theaters,
in opera companies, on Broadway, in cabaret and in the pop recording industry.

NOTE: Please contact me to discuss lesson scheduling. I look forward to working with you!
I do not work with children under age 13, unless they are under professional management.
I recommend very young singers work in a group environment and study piano, which will be necessary for their future performance needs.
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